Rajendra & Ursula Joshi Charitable Trust

  • Admission Closes on 22nd July 2024
  • Session Starts on 29th July 2024

The "Rajendra & Ursula Joshi Charitable Trust" (RUJCT) was founded in 2016. It is a public charitable trust formed on 11th May 2016 and constituted for charitable purposes. As one of its objects, RUJCT has established BSDU with an aim to introduce and promote Swiss Dual System based skill development education in India.

Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) is a dream project of RUJCT which got the statutory recognition and existence through the "The Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur. Act No. 3 of 2017" passed by the State Legislature.

RUJCT intends to achieve global excellence in skill development through its Project -BSDU and has a mission to create opportunities, space, and scope for the skill development of Indian youth to make them an industry-ready workforce with better employability.

The Trust aims to provide value-added quality training to Indian youth with expertise and complete know-how based on the Swiss Dual System, to support, promote and advance high- quality Skill Development Education in India, to provide meaningful opportunities to the youth to get achieve gainful employment and make India the exporter of skilled manpower to the world.

The transformative leadership of the Founders, Mrs. Ursula Joshi and late Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi, becomes an enduring symbol of the Skill Development Initiative in India. Their vision that the skill based training and skill development efforts should reach the rural and remote areas also, so that all the members of the society get benefitted and improve their lives, shall be accomplished very soon by the sincere and dedicated efforts of the members of Staff and Faculty of BSDU.

Establishment of BSDU Jaipur is recognized and approved by the State Government. The University has been incorporated by the Government of Rajasthan through legislation of The Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur, Act 2017 (Act No. 3 of 2017) and was notified vide Notification No. F.2(4) Vidhi/2017 dated 30th March 2017 in the Rajasthan Gazette.