BSDU provides a platform to facilitate interaction between the students and the recruiters to match the aspirations of the students and the requirements of the recruiters. Our students are the product of a well planned and thought out rigorous training program both on theoretical & practical aspects and sustained hard work to make them industry ready. In addition to enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of the students, the University also organises and conducts a large number of activities/programmes to enable the students excel in their chosen areas of work/fields.


The Training and Placement Cell in the University organises various career guidance and personality development programs for the students commencing from the first year itself. The programmes organised by the Cell include mock interviews, group discussions, presentations on technical/ general topics and entrepreneurship. All these programs are conducted by the subject experts for which assistance is sought from various academic institutions, practicing senior HR personnel and experts from the industry.

Stress on Soft Skills:

The training and placement cell lays a lot of emphasis on the aspects of soft skills to enable our students improve their communication skills, grooming, personal etiquettes, social grace and leadership qualities. These attributes would not only be useful to the students in their day today lives but would also be of immense help in climbing the corporate ladder with ease in the years to come. The soft skills programmes are conducted both by the in house and external faculties.

Partnerships with Recruiters/Employers:

BSDU highly values the partnerships with the various recruiters/employers of our students and remain committed to make the recruiting experience of our partners highly productive. The University warmly welcomes the industry and recruiters/employers to visit the campus, as per their convenience, for interaction with the faculty, students and also for witnessing first hand the available state of the art training facilities created with utmost care.

Students with Industry Experience:

BSDU follows the Swiss-Dual System of training, wherein the students spend 6 months every year(alternate semesters) for internships in the industry, which gives them the requisite practical / hands on experience in addition to the theoretical knowledge. This system ensures that our students are Industry Ready the day they graduate from BSDU.


100 % Placement Record:

The University has 100% record in placement of the students for internships and employment. The feedback from the industry about the performance of our students has been highly encouraging and is matter of pride for us. We are committed to make the University as the most sought after destination for the recruiters/employers.

Recent Activities:

MoUs: In the last six months, Training and Placement Cell has been instrumental in signing 18 MoUs with the various industries and institutions to further enhance cooperation in the field of skill education, research, training, internships and placements. As on 31 December, 2019, BSDU has signed a total of 79 MoUs. In addition, 5 additional MoUs are in the advance stages of signing. The MoUs with the industrial partners greatly help in internships and placement of students in the relevant skill areas.

Soft Skills Training Programme:

This semester a five days intensive soft skills training programme for all the students was conducted from 13 to 18 January, 2020.

Placements: This semester we have a total of 399 students who are due to proceed to the industry with effect from 03 February 2020 as part of their internships in the IInd, IVth and VIth semesters. As on 31 December 2019, approximately 90% of our students have already been placed and the balance are in the advance stages of placement. This has been made possible due to the excellent quality of training being imparted to our students and the training methodology adopted in the University. We have been receiving very good feedbacks from the industry about the performance of the students during their internships and the industry is more than pleased to engage with our students. Some of our valued industrial partners, like M/s Tweaking Technologies driven by the higher purpose of making India as the skill capital of the world, have even gone a step further by designing special training programmes for our students during their internships to significantly enhance their capabilities in the field of Software Product Development. BSDU greatly appreciates and values such interventions from our industrial partners.

Internships in Foreign Countries: In this semester, we have also made a new beginning by opening the doors of foreign countries for our students for their internships. Accordingly, eight students of Entrepreneurship Skills are going to Romania and Moldova in this semester for their internships.


Attractive Stipends: The stipend amount being received by our Bvoc students during internships this semester has touched a figure of Rs 24,000/- per month.

Permanent Jobs: It is a matter of great pride and prestige for us that majority of our students proceeding for their VIth semester internships have assurances for permanent jobs on successful completion of their internships.


Rising Brand Value: 100% placements, internships in foreign countries, attractive stipends and permanent job assurances during internships are clear indications of this young University’s rising Brand value.

Internships at BSDU