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Woodworking is practiced as a skill all over the world. There is no space today; whether schools, offices, homes or industries where you don’t find use of any wooden materials. This is a field in which, in India, there is an approximately 15% annual growth, however, there are not enough trained/skilled persons in the Industry. In India almost 75% of the persons employed in this field work in the unorganized sector resulting in poor quality and production inefficiencies whereas, the global woodwork industry, including those setting up in India today, has evolved into a highly mechanized and automated manufacturing unit with ever increasing production efficiencies. There is therefore a dire need to provide formal training opportunities to students in this field so that we can fill the gap that exists between demand and supply of adequately skilled persons required both in India and abroad and reverse the tide in production quality and outputs.
BSDU, through its state of the art facility, Swiss based dual education model and industry recommended curriculum provides a world class training opportunity to the students. The students undergo training in semesters that alternate between university based education and paid internships in the industry. The BVoc program contains modules in hand skills, use of power tools, CNC machines, fittings, assembly, CAD 3D designing and soft skill modules such as personality development and entrepreneurship. So if you want to give wings to your creativity and at the same time want to grab the opportunities for professional and personal growth, come join us in the School of Woodworking Skills.


The program under the School of Woodworking Skills will enable the students to be:

  • Trained studens for multiple skill sets under the domain of woodwork like Solid wood, Assembly, panels, Modular Furniture Design.
  • Equip students to supervise various machining operations in any woodworking industry.
  • Trained & equipped students with knowledge and understanding to start his/her own enterprise in Carpentry.
  • Equip students to start their business in manufacturing and marketing wood products.
  • Become socially responsible, culturally aware and ethically better citizens of today and tomorrow.
Key Highlights
  • The only school in the country to award a Bachelor’s degree in woodworking skills.
  • Equipped with an unmatched state of the art workshop replete with high end imported machines worth more than 3 Crores INR.
  • Modern curriculum designed by Swiss experts with inputs from Indian Industries and approved by the Board of studies having membership from various industries, Skill sector councils and reputed academic institutions.
  • Workshop based skills delivered by Swiss experts through minor and major projects, job/task based assignments and quizzes.
  • Excellence in skill based education that helped it earn three medals in National Skill Competition and participation in Global skill and world skill championships held in Australia and in Russia respectively.


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    Faculty & Trainer

I extend a warm welcome to all the students who made an excellent choice of joining the School of Woodworking Skills. The school adopts a holistic approach to skill based education wherein students enhance their classroom knowledge with computer based simulation/practice and hone their skills on task based assignments. There are multiple projects that await you, both minor and major, that test your progressively growing knowledge and skills; from creativity, professional expertise, project planning to report writing and costing. Your achievements are constantly supervised by hand holding supervisors and mentors who give you enough independence to make mistakes and learn through them.

The school believes in learning through fun and this is what its modern curriculum delivered under the watchful eyes of Swiss and Indian trainers, through an ultra-modern workshop facility, strives to achieve. The school boasts itself for giving wings to your creativity and prides itself of its final year students representing India in International skill competitions in Australia and Russia. With true enthusiasm and attitude, who knows, you could be the next rising star !!

Expert Faculty

      kumar shanu sharma
    Kumar Shanu Sharma


    B.Tech (Mech.)

      raja kushwaha
    Raja Kushwaha


    B.Tech (Mech.)

      harendar singh
    Harendar Singh


    Pursuing MVoc, B.Tech (Mech.)

What’s Happening in SWS

Student Testimonial

Vikash Kumar Naga

“I consider myself extremely fortunate for having chosen the BVoc Woodworking program at BSDU. Their modern curriculum, high tech workshop facility and combination of Indian and Swiss expertise helped me achieve the zenith of my capabilities. As a result of their dedicated supervision and constant encouragement, I won the Gold medal in the National Skill Championship and represented India at International events in Australia and then in Russia too. Now when I am about to graduate in the coming next semester I find myself with a sea of opportunities waiting for me”

BVoc - 2017-20

Placed In : Sara Abode Pvt. Ltd.

Hanuman Prasad Jat

“I confess that initially when I chose the Bvoc Woodworking program at BSDU I had lot of doubts in my mind. My friends chose engineering and science programs whereas I chose the Bachelors in a skill program. Now when I am in my final semester, I thank God for helping me make the right choice. I already have many job offers in hand, I am earning “stipend” with free accommodation and food that match the salaries of engineering graduates, I am being flown free of cost with all expenses paid to exhibitions such as Ahmedabad design week, Bangalore India Wood etc, overall it has given me enough confidence to conquer the world with my knowledge and skill. Which final year student can boast of these achievements ?”

B.Voc - 2017-20

Placed In : Narsi Interior Infra. Pvt. Ltd.

Sachin Sharma

“I have been a very creative person and wanted to take an education after school that could match my creative and academic aspirations and at the same time provide me with an earning opportunity. The BVoc program in woodworking has given me all I could ask for and even more. The courses are all very well paced, with lots of focus on task based assignments. The trainers closely work with us in workshop giving us constant encouragement to try out what we have in our minds. The class room courses provide us with a holistic education reinforcing the knowledge behind the skill”

BVoc - 2018-21

Placed In : Narsi Interior Infra. Pvt. Ltd.