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Welcome to the world of computing technology, the driving force of future
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The School of Computing Skills has set up specialized labs for preparing industry ready skilled workforce. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing Labs are the flagship facilities of the school offering advanced solutions for human computer interaction. Robotics Lab is offering Mobile Robotics courses which provides training for building customized robots. IoT Lab and 3D Printing Lab are other state-of-the-art facilities. PCB Design Lab is further enhancing the in house manufacturing capabilities.

Focus on enhanced learning with modern technologies is the motto of the school. Innovation is deeply rooted in its philosophy. Several innovative products are being designed and deployed at the school level. Raspberry Pi based standalone computer, Smart Dustbin, Wi-Fi cooler to name a few. School encourages students and staff members to innovate and develop new products, including both hardware and software based products.


The programs under the School of Computing Skills are designed to:

  • Develop industry ready skilled workforce and train to NSQF level 7 for the different job roles.

  • Train for multiple skill sets in computing, like Networking, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, AI etc.

  • Be able to implement data-driven products in any company.

  • Train & equip with knowledge and understanding to become an entrepreneur.

  • Train to establish IT-Infrastructure and carry out basic trouble-shooting for connectivity and equipment faults.

Key Highlights
  • Well managed high-end computing and CISCO networking lab to get hands-on experience in networking hardware and software.

  • World class 3D Printing and IoT and Embedded Systems Labs.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence lab with GPU optimized environments for fast computing power, AI/ML software frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano and Torch, Google Cloud Vision or Natural Language APIs, Technologies like the AWS public cloud and private clouds like OpenStack or VMware.

  • Well-equipped PCB design & manufacturing lab with the chemical process, milling machine, solder masking, legend printing, PTH arrangement and automatic SMD component mounting facility.

  • Robotics lab with world class Industrial robots.

  • Seven MoUs have been signed by the School in the past few years.


BSDU in Numbers

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    Skill Programs

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  • 17800


  • 110+

    Faculty & Trainer

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the School of Computing Skills at Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur. BSDU provides to its students a unique hands-on learning experience, the likes of which is not found in any other Indian University. Students learn skills by ‘doing’ in the Workshops and Laboratories, rather than by merely ‘listening and seeing’ in the Classrooms.

The School of Computing Skills maintains internationally acclaimed state-of-the-art infrastructure. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing Labs are the flagship facilities of the school offering advanced solutions for human computer interaction. Robotics Lab offers courses on programming industrial robots and Mobile Robotics, which provides training for building customized robots. IoT Lab and 3D Printing Lab offer courses where students learn to develop new products using state-of-the-art facilities. PCB Design Lab further enhances the in house manufacturing capabilities.

Come and join BSDU to learn to be future ready and work in most emerging technologies.

Expert Faculty

      Sujil A
    Col. Raj Kumar


    M. Tech from IIT Bombay and B. Tech from college of Military Engineering

      satyendra singh
    Dr. Sandeep Gupta

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., M.Tech, MBA, B.Tech

      pancham kumar
    Dr. Sumitra Singar

    Assistant Professor

    PhD (Low power VLSI Design, Mody University of Science and Technology)

      pancham kumar
    Mr. Jitendra Mathur

    Senior Trainer & Network Manager

    MSc. (Elec), DCH, CNA, MCP, CCNA

      Sujil A
    Rikky Kumari



      Sujil A
    Mr. Sumit



What’s Happening in SCS

Student Testimonials

Tanuj Badhala

“Internship developed me overall. I am earning with learning. Industrial training while studying enhances my skills and adds value to my profession.”

B. Voc – 2017-20

Intern with : Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Akansha Priyadarshni

“I am proud of my chosen profession that combines creativity with technical expertise. The program at BSDU provides us an opportunity for holistic development. The classroom courses provide us with a holistic education reinforcing the knowledge behind the skill. But lucky for me I choose a course that can make me not only employable with the best of the opportunities for growth but also become a job creator if I wish to become one. It is the quality of education in BSDU today that is generating high demand for us in the industry, visible through the race by the industries trying to lure us with ever increasing stipends and other perks. Not only they excel in providing us professional knowledge but also pay a lot of attention to develop our soft skills which include communication skills, entrepreneurship skills, personality development etc. The atmosphere in the campus is very friendly, the environment beautifully serene and management is always attentive to all our needs.”

B.Voc, 2018-21

Intern with : Vision Automation Solutions

Shubham Luxkar

I am pretty much inspired with the style they adopted for teaching students in my University. The best thing is we get to do everything hands-on and then apply that skill in life through an internship that is our alternate semester . I think this University has made us opportunistic, because they provide us with a lot of opportunities to move forward in our lives, career and lead to Ultimate Success.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Intern with: Rams Creative Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Aarti Sharma

I really liked the way in which my University gives us a chance to explore ourselves in the industry sector with the help of alternative semesters so we can develop ourselves mentally and economically. I really enjoy this way of preparing students for employment just after graduation. .

B.Voc, 2018-21

Intern with: Tweaking Technologies.

Rahul Singh

BSDU JAIPUR is a place of learning, fun, literature and many such life preaching activities. Studying at the BSDU brought an added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn a number of things. I have received great support from faculties & placement offices. I am thankful to the Training & Placement cell for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Global Computer and Solutions

Ritik Kumawat

“BSDU has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to a whole new augment level. Alternate semester internship process is the best part about this university.”

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with : Tweaking technologies

Lokesh Ladna

I have been studying in this University for the last 2 years in School of Computing Skills, and I got quite a good experience not just in my professional skill but on my personal skills too. Faculties of this University had helped me in every possible aspect they could during my internship. With the help of university now I can see myself with more confidence and professionalism.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Intern with: Bharti Airtel

Nishu Sharma

The industrial training period provided by our university is amazing; this gives a lot of experience, knowledge and exposure about the industrial working process. I thank my department for giving me this opportunity as per my field of interest.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Intern with: Tata Communications Transformation Services.