B.Voc in Woodworking Skills

This is an under graduate program in woodworking skills with multiple exits: after six month with certificate, after an year with a Diploma , after two years with an Advanced Diploma or after three years with the Bachelor of Vocation degree. It is a 180 credits program with three six months internships in alternate semesters. The BVoc program is intended to prepare students for responsibilities starting at the supervisorial/junior managerial levels in woodworking/interior/furniture industry. The program has extensive workshop related practice and many task/project based assignments enabling every student to attain excellence in woodworking skills.

Objectives After completion of the program the students will be

  • Trained to NSQF level 7 in job role/profile in field of Carpentry & woodwork industry.
  • Trained for multiple skill sets under the domain of woodwork like Solid wood, Assembly, panels, Modular Furniture Design.
  • Able to supervise various machining operations in any woodworking industry.
  • Trained & equipped with knowledge and understanding to start his/her own enterprise in Carpentry. The qualification also allows him to appear for all competitive exams in any government sector like, UPSC, Defence, Railways and other PSU’s where the entry requirement is a graduation degree.


03 years full time. Flexibility in program allows for entry and exit from the program with Certificate, Diploma or/and Advanced Diploma.

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 or equivalent from any stream of education including vocational education.

Selection Procedure

Admission will be through an Entrance Examination and based on the merit of the qualifying examination.


The program consists 30 credits per semester with alternate semesters in industry for internship. Overall it is a 180 credits program and has interdisciplinary components (Open electives) from other schools.


First Semester

Second Semester (Industrial Internship)  
I Code Course Credits Code Course Credits  
SCS1101 Hand Skill & Transfer of Measurements 4 SCS1201 Internship Evaluation, including Report and Presentation 21  
SCS1102 Power Tools 4  
SCS1103 Stationary Machines 4  
SCS1104 Assembly and Fittings 3  
SCS1105 Carpenter Materials 2  
SCS1106 Hand Drawing 3  
SCS1107 Open Elective – I 3  
GEN1102 Office Software Tools 2 GEN1201 Value Education # 3  
GEN1101 English Language & Comprehension 3 GEN1202 Industrial Labour & General Laws # 3  
GEN1104 Applied Maths/ Elementary Maths 2 GEN1203 Environmental Studies # 3  
  Total 30   Total 30  
  Cumulative Credits = 30 (Certificate)   Cumulative Credits = 60 (Diploma)  
Year Third Semester Fourth Semester (Industrial Internship)  
II   Course Credits   Course Credits  
SCS1301 Advanced Power Tools 4   Internship Evaluation, including Report and Presentation 21  
SCS1302 Advanced Stationary Machines 4  
SCS1303 Advanced Assembly and Fittings 2  
SCS1307 Advanced Carpenter Materials 2  
SCS1304 Carpenter Mathematics 2  
SCS1305 Wood Working CNC Machines 3  
SCS1306 Open Elective – II 3  
GEN1305 Computer Aided Drawing/ Elementary drawing Skills 3  
GEN1301 Spoken English 3 GEN1401 Business Communication # 3  
GEN1303 Entrepreneurship Development (Introductory Module) 2 GEN1403 Current Affairs # 3  
GEN1304 Personality Development 2 GEN1402 Organizational Behaviour # 3  
  Total 30   Total 30  
    Cumulative Credits = 120 (Advanced Diploma)
Year   Fifth Semester   Sixth Semester (Industrial Internship)  
III Code Course Credits   Course Credits  
SCS1501 Specialization 1* : Wood and Panel Manufacturing specialist 3   Internship Evaluation, including Report and Presentation 21  
SCS1502 Specialization 2*: CNC Woodworking Machining specialist  
SCS1503 Specialization 3*: Cabinet installation specialist  
SCS1504 Specialization 4*: Project planning specialist in Cabinetmaking and Joinery  
SCS1505 Advanced Carpenter Mathematics 3  
SCS1506 CAD -3D Drawing 3  
SCS1507 Project Work 5  
  Open Elective – III 3  
GEN1505 Problem Solving Using Computers 3  
GEN1502 Advanced Communication Skills 3  
GEN1502 Quantitative Aptitude 2 GEN1601 Behavioural Skills # 3  
GEN1503 Financial Accounting 2 GEN1602 Indian Constitution # 3  
GEN1504 Entrepreneurship Development (Advanced Module) 3 GEN1603 Technical Writing # 3  
  Total 30   Total 30  
    Cumulative Credits = 180 (B.Voc)

Career and Employability

Students of B.Voc find employment in multinational and national companies engaged in furniture/interior designing, manufacturing and fittings at supervisory/managerial level. The woodworking industry in India is growing exponentially and presently our University is the only one that provides a graduate degree in this field thus, providing our students not only an opportunity to employment but also a promise of professional and personal growth. The students of this university are provided a holistic education that starts with information on wood material science, practice on hand drawing, handling of hand operated power tools and gradually upgrades their knowledge to computer aided drawings/ design software, stationary machines to finally end it with expertise on computer controlled machines and its programming. In addition, the students are trained in entrepreneurial skills that enable them to venture out on their own and become job creators in the woodworking industry.