Shishir Chandra Bhaduri, PhD

Professor and Principal, School of Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration Skills


Tel: +91- 9414064784

General Introduction

Professor Shishir Chandra Bhaduri obtained his Masters and Doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (Formerly University of Roorkee, Roorkee). With over 34 years of teaching, research, Industry and administrative experience, he has held various positions in academics and industries in the capacity of Principal, Head of the Department, Chief Innovation Manager, Senior Manager in the domain of quality assurance, application development and product development. Before joining BSDU, Jaipur Dr. Bhaduri had been associated with JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur for nearly three years as Associate Dean and professor. He has held academic positions at several other institutes of repute including IIT Bombay and Roorkee and also worked in various corporate positions at Grassroot Innovation Augmentation Network (North), Mafatlal Industries, Tecumseh India. In his 33 years teaching, administration and research duration, he has published 27 research articles in International journals of high impact.
In the past, he has conducted several short term training programs in Finite Element Methods pertaining to Mechanical Engineering problems. He also developed new courses on Finite Element method and Bio Mechanics at Post graduate level. He has supervised more than twenty Masters (M. Tech) Projects and three PhDs. He has developed Laboratories of Air-conditioning, compressor testing, testing of noise, testing of refrigerator, air conditioners. During his academic tenure, he also developed many prototypes and products, to list a few— expansion device for Refrigerator, development of retrofitted refrigerator with R134a, refrigeration and air conditioning compressor, entrained flow coal gasifier, cellulose from rice husk and rice straw.
He has served as a Member, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)- Technology Options Committee on Refrigeration; Air Conditioning and Heat Pump, World bank consultant on ODS Phase Out Projects; Board of Management of Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology; Member, Board of Management, Rajasthan Technical University; Member, Technical Committee, Tire Pyrolysis, Rajasthan Pollution Control Board. He was reviewer of National Science Foundation, USA, Environmental Protection Agency, USA projects.


Professor Bhaduri has a strong professional acumen in driving R&D activities to facilitate development of new products to appropriately respond to changing market needs and overseeing entire developmental activities including prototype development, product trials and induction in regular production lines.
He has in depth exposure to Energy sector across recovery of waste heat energy from flue gases, increase efficiency of textile mill process house boiler, utilization of solar and waste heat from generator, en-trained flow coal and bio mass development, passive and active energy conservation in buildings, energy auditing of process house. He holds credential of developing new sponge iron making process using composite pellets, beneficiation of kaolin, tire pyrolysis carbon and Iron ore using chemical method across processing industry.
Qualifications : PhD (HVAC Engineering, IIT Roorkee)
Experience : 35 Years
Designation : Professor and Principal, School of Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration Skills

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