School of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Skills came into existence in 2017, with a mission to impart knowledge and Technical skills of Heating, Ventilation Air conditioning and Refrigeration by hands-on training of Installation, Service, diagnosis, assemble and troubleshooting of different types of Heating, Ventilation Air conditioning and Refrigeration. Students under this program will acquire the necessary skills to diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical and electronic systems of the latest technology in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning field. A Center of Excellence has been established at University Campus by Daikin Air-conditioning India Private Ltd. for HVAC & R Training.

  • To create an end-to-end implementation framework for skill development in HVAC & R, providing opportunities through quality long and short-term skill training, and providing gainful employment and ensuring career progression that meets the aspirations of trainees.
  • To establish cross-sector nationally and internationally accepted standards for skill training in the country by creating a comprehensive program of teaching and training.
  • To ensure high-quality options for long-term training bench marked to internationally acceptable qualification standards, which will ultimately help to create highly skilled work-force for HVAC & R industry.
  • To develop and retain a network of highly qualified teachers & trainers in the field of HVAC & R.

Infrastructure and Equipment

A well-equipped training facility is established by Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt. Ltd. as a Center of Excellence at University. In addition to that different types of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning training and test, rigs are available for imparting technical skills

  • Air conditioning unit- Split
  • Air conditioning unit- Cassette
  • Air conditioning unit-  VRV
  • Air conditioning unit-  Duct-able
  • All components of Air Conditioners
  • Tools required to assemble, install and repair air-conditioners
  • Central air-conditioning machine room, air handling units, ducting and control systems.
  • Refrigeration trainer (0.3TR)
  • Air conditioning trainer (0.5 TR)
  • Cooling Tower trainer
  • Vapor Absorption Refrigeration trainer
  • Re circulation air conditioning trainer (0.3 TR)
  • Refrigeration fault simulator
  • Mechanical Heat Pump trainer
  • Chilling Plant Trainer
  • Cascade refrigeration trainer
  • Multi evaporator Refrigeration trainer
  • Cold storage trainer (+5℃ to +10℃)
  • Refrigeration charging and evacuation kit

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members and Trainers

Prof. S. C. Bhaduri,PhD
Dean Faculty of Automotive, Electrical & RAC Skills
Dr. Vipin Pahuja
Assistant Professor,PhD

B. Tech. , M. Tech. and Ph.D.
Md. Nazmool
Trainer II
Mr. Shyam Anand Chaturvedi
Junior Trainer
B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering