Munendra Koli

Trainer II


Tel: +91-9694731035

General Introduction

Munendra Koli joined the School of Manufacturing Skills in 2017 as a trainer. He holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dr KN Modi University, Rajasthan. During his undergraduate studies, he underwent his summer internship at the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Jaipur. While at CIPET, he had the chance to visit BSDU and was highly fascinated to see the world class facilities especially in the School of Manufacturing Skills. He very much appreciated the idea of the Swiss Dual System of education,that’s when he decided to take up an internship at BSDU in diverse skills in the field of manufacturing engineering. His passion for the manufacturing skills can be traced back to his undergraduate days, whether as a member of technical fest team in his college or a trainee at CIPET, Jaipur. After completion of his training he got the opportunity to join the same school as a trainer. He always strives to improve his skills and knowledge by providing the best training to his students.


Munendra’s expertise lies in the machining and the machine programming based on divers controller in the field of mechanical. He specializes both in the conventional and CNC machining practices. He is also adept in performing quality control, measurement and inspection to the highest standards. He has worked extensively in the field of pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic systems and understand the things critically. His understanding on design software like AutoCAD and CreO-0.3 is equally good.


Qualifications : Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
Experience : 6 Months
Designation : Trainer II