Dharampal Kumhar



Tel: +91-8963811839
Email: dharampal.kumhar@ruj-bsdu.in

General Introduction

Dharmpal is a skill trainer in the School of manufacturing Skills. He had earlier finished a three-year diploma in Mechanical Engineering from BTER (Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan) and then had obtained a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from RTU (Rajasthan Technical University). Having a background of polytechnic, he was already adept in the knowledge and skills of Machining. The six-month internship in BSDU was an extension of his skills in machining and manufacturing.

He is associated to the milling and grinding department. He trains students on reading technical drawing, production of precision parts, work plan, tool selection for different milling operations, jigs and fixtures, routine maintenance of machines, safety standards, and also handling different problems in milling operations. He is a volleyball player. He is currently enrolled for a Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Management from the National Centre for Quality Management.


Dharmpal’s proficiency lies in the manufacturing of precision mechanical parts and imparting training to students. His key competencies include conventional milling, drilling, turning, assembly, measurement and handskills. He also has good expertise in solving Pneumatic problems.


Qualifications : Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
Experience : 2 Years
Designation : Trainer-II