Deepak Swami



Tel: +91-8107761769

General Introduction

Deepak Swami has been with BSDU for almost two years as a trainer in the School of Manufacturing Skills. He received his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Jagannath University, Rajasthan. Shortly after graduating, he got an opportunity to work as a junior trainer at this school, where he received extensive and rigorous training during his first months of induction under the supervision of Swiss trainers in all different machining processes, spanning from the conventional to the CNC. It was during his initial training he also got a good understanding in pneumatic systems and control. He also assists other schools with manufacturing and fabrication related issues as when needed. Deepak keeps himself updated with manufacturing technologies used in the current industrial practices. Alongside his current job, Deepak has enrolled for a management degree (MBA) in operation from Jaipur National University as a part-time scholar. As a trainer, Deepak presents a good mix of practical demonstration and theory to his students.


His technical know-how lies in the conventional practices of machining like milling, turning, drilling, surface and cylindrical grinding. Apart from his knowledge in conventional machining, he also has a sound experience in working with Mazak 5 axis CNC milling. Deepak has good aptitude in design and constructional modelling using software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD.


Qualifications : Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
Experience : 2 Years
Designation : Trainer-II