Akram Mansuri



Tel: +91-7742292397
Email: akramrazza.mansuri@ruj-bsdu.in

General Introduction

Akram Mansuri is a Skill Trainer in the Manufacturing Skill School. After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University RTU), he had worked for a short span as a trainee Engineer in National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). He then joined the BSDU to attend a certificate course for enhancing skills. During this training he had a chance to learn different measurement techniques, pneumatic systems, advance machining processes. This training helped him to secure a position in an Automotive industry as a production engineer. During this experience, he learnt the management tools like production and process planning, scheduling and capacity planning. With the combination of skills and industrial management knowledge, he came back to BSDU as a trainer to impart training young students with the skills and knowledge of production engineering. He is presently involved in working on machining processes applied to different materials using both conventional and CNC milling and turning and also solving complex manufacturing problems that arise during product manufacturing. He is good in optimizing manufacturing processes which he gained through his thorough understanding of the technology.


Akram’s specialization lies mainly in conventional turning and milling. He has a good understanding of pneumatics and basic assembly. He is good in teaching both theory and practical to students.


Qualifications : Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
Experience :
Designation : Trainer-II