Akash Gade



Email: akash.gade@ruj-bsdu.in
Tel: +7891350752

General Introduction

Akash is currently working with BSDU as a skill trainer in the School of Manufacturing Skills. After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), he briefly worked as a trainer in CAD-CAM systems. His strong interests and passion in design and manufacturing challenges led him to spend six months doing an internship at BSDU in manufacturing skills. He is currently engaged in conventional turning and milling processes and solves machining problems encountered during manufacturing. He holds an inspector certification in NDT techniques such as radiography and ultrasound inspection. On the creative side, he is interested in sketching and swimming.


His specialization includes design, machining techniques, sheet metal construction, welding. He is good in CNC profiling, precise hand skills, and design software skills, just to name a few. He teaches students both in theoretical and practical lessons.


Qualifications : Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
Experience :
Designation : Trainer-II