Marietta Nüssli

Project Manager

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General Introduction

Mrs. Marietta Nüssli holds a highly qualified professional education in various segments of hotel and tourism management. She has worked for over 30 years as an expert with a for a worldwide recognized association RICHEMONT Competence Center in Switzerland, with an educational background in the Swiss Dual System (SDS). She is distinguished in particular by her national and international activities in various functions and in the management committees of companies such as Neckermann (Travel Services), SwissLife (Insurance Agency) and responsAbility (Micro-Social Investment).
She also had obtained a Master of Sales from the Marc M. Galal Institute in Frankfurt (D) and a Bachelor of Organization degree from the Akad Business School in Zurich (CH).
She has worked at the national and international level as a trainer and master coach for professionals who started with their own business start-ups, who later became successful and entrepreneurs.
Due to her special interests in exploring and understanding people’s cultures, she attended a special additional education and received the award of Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Dr. Richard Bandler Institute USA.


Here core competence lies in the development of competence schools in the field of hotel and tourism management and in the ability to work together with people in order to train them to become successful professionals in the field of hotel and tourism management.

Qualification: Managing Director / Training and Examination Expert /
Expert for Teaching and Coaching
Experience: 30 years
Designation: Project Manager and Director, School of Hospitality & Tourism Skills