B.Voc. (Entrepreneurship) in Beauty & Wellness


Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU), Jaipur is engaged in providing skills training based on Swiss Dual System in various faculties including Entrepreneurship skills. BSDU awards Certificates, Diplomas, Advance Diplomas and B.Voc. degree to students after 10+2 schooling. It also awards M. Voc and Ph.D. degrees. BSDU is introducing Entrepreneurship Skills in Beauty & Wellness from the academic session 2019-20 onwards

Orane International Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh, is the leading Beauty & Wellness Institute providing best in class vocational training and offering industry oriented training linked to jobs and employability in the Beauty and Wellness sector through globally and nationally recognized courses covering entire range from Certificate to Post Graduate programmes through more than 80 state of the art facilities across India

BSDU established a “Centre of Excellence” (CoE) in Beauty & Wellness. Orane International will act as an Industry Knowledge Partner for BSDU’s skill programs in Beauty & Wellness at its campus in Jaipur. BSDU in collaboration with Orane International, Chandigarh will conduct two months, six months and three years courses in Entrepreneurship Skills with specialization in Beauty and Wellness.

Infrastructure and Equipment

The school is being established with state-of-the-art infrastructure setup in collaboration with Orane International to provide high quality training to the admitted students.

Programmes Offered

B. Voc. in Entrepreneurship in Beauty & Wellness

Selection Procedure

Admission will be through an Entrance Exam or based on the merit of the qualifying examination.


Year First Semester Second Semester
  Course Credits Course Credits
I Basic Correlation of Beauty & Human Anatomy 4 Internship Evaluation, including Report and Presentation 21
Fundamentals of Hair Styling – I 4
Fundamentals of Skin Care – I 4
Fundamentals of Makeup – I 4
Technical Hands-On Training (THT Lab) 4
Open Elective – I 3
Office Software Tools 2 Value Education # 3
English Language & Comprehension 3 Industrial Labour & General Laws # 3
Applied Maths/ Elementary Maths 2 Environmental Studies # 3
Total 30 Total 30
Cumulative Credits =   60  (Certificate in Beauty & Wellness)
Year Third Semester Fourth Semester
  Course Credits Course Credits
II Fundamentals of Hair Styling – II 4 Internship Evaluation, including Report and Presentation 21
Fundamentals of Skin Care – II 4
Fundamentals of Makeup – II 4
Basics of Nail Art – I 2
Technical Hands on Training (THT Lab) 3
Open Elective – II 3
Computer Aided Drawing/ Elementary drawing Skills 3
Spoken English 3 Business Communication # 3
Entrepreneurship Development (Introductory Module) 2 Current Affairs # 3
Personality Development 2 Organizational Behaviour # 3
Total 30 Total 30
Cumulative Credits =  120  (Diploma in Beauty & Wellness)
Year Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
  Course Credits Course Credits
III Advanced Study of Hair Styling, Coloring & Treatment- III 3 Internship Evaluation, including Report and Presentation 21
Advanced Study of Skin Care & Electrical Treatments – III 2
Advanced Study of Professional  Makeup – III 2
Advanced Study of Nail Art – II 2
Salon Management 2
Basics of Digital Marketing in Beauty & Wellness 2
Technical Hands-On Training (THT Lab) 4
Open Elective – III 3
Problem Solving Using Computers 3
Advanced Communication Skills 3 Behavioural Skills # 3
Quantitative Aptitude 2 Indian Constitution # 3
Financial Accounting 2 Technical Writing # 3
Total 30 Total 30
Cumulative Credits =  180  (B. Voc  in Beauty & Wellness)

# Mixed mode of delivery including study material and assignments during internship & contact program followed by examination on   return to the university.


3 Years

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 or ITI after 10thor Polytechnic Diploma will be considered as equivalent to 10+2 for B. Voc