School Overview

Entrepreneurship plays a very pivotal role in the economic development and entrepreneurs act as catalytic agents in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Entrepreneurship facilitates the rate of development of a country by significantly contributing to the growing employment opportunity, optimum use of local resources, increasing the rate of growth in GDP of a country and continued innovation in techno-managerial practices.
The School of Entrepreneurship Skills is a gateway to the world of entrepreneurship. It has a mission to impart research-led quality knowledge, technical skills and Hands-on-training in the area of Entrepreneurship Skills with a personal approach in an international setting.
The School also offers entrepreneurial support for all BSDU students. Whatever degree they are doing or stage they are at, it provides the skills, connections and confidence needed to forge their start-up journey.

  • Country’s first skill school where one can start their own start-up and also get a bachelor or master degree in entrepreneurship.
  • Earn your course fee as seed capital for your venture.


After completion of the program, the student will:

B. Voc.

  • Trained to NSQF level 7 in the field of Entrepreneurship Skills, to assess the commercial viability of new technologies, business opportunities and existing companies.
  • Able to  create entrepreneurial opportunities through the invention, development and exploitation of new ideas, products and services, and/or the creation of new industries, infrastructure, and ways of doing business.
  • Trained & equipped with knowledge and understanding to start own enterprise.
  • Trained for multiple skill sets under the domain of Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Able to become successful entrepreneurs thereby becoming providers rather than job seekers.
  • Able to appear for all competitive exams in any government sector like, UPSC, Defense, Railways and other PSU’s.

Two years Advanced Diploma  

  • Trained to successfully develop products and services to solve challenging problems in an uncertain environment, often under considerable time constraints and with very limited resources.
  • Able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities that represent untapped and underserved markets.
  • Have an holistic approach when working in technology projects to present and communicate effectively.

One-year Diploma

  • Trained to plan, organize, and execute a project or new venture with the goal of bringing new products and service to the market.
  • Able to create and grow entrepreneurial ventures which are established through the entrepreneurial skills.
  • Able to transform an initial idea into a full-fledged business opportunity and effectively communicate this opportunity through a business plan.

Skill Certificate

  • To understand different methods of assessing the attractiveness of business opportunities.
  • To understand what characterizes an attractive business opportunity and common pitfalls during the entrepreneurial process.

Fee Refund Policy

To encourage the students to start their own micro enterprise, BSDU has introduced the fee refund policy. If a student is starting the enterprise after six months but within one year, only 50% of the fee will be refunded subject to the following conditions.

  • A student should complete the 3 year B.Voc in Entrepreneurship Skills.
  • A student should score atleast 50% marks in all the subjects.
  • A student should prepare a rough draft Project Report during the course itself.
  • A student should start the enterprise/micro business within six months after completion of B.Voc.
  • BSDU will extend mentoring and hand holding support only.
  • BSDU will be the 3% Stake Holder in new business/enterprise.

Infrastructure and Equipment

The school is being established with state of the art infrastructure to provide high quality training.

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members and Trainers

Prof (Dr.) Ravi Kumar Goyal
Director (Admissions) & Principal, School of Entrepreneurship Skills
Dr. Rajdeep Deb
Assistant Professor PhD, Ing.Paed.IGIP
Dr. Mredu Goyal
Assistant Professor M.Com, NET (JRF), PhD
Assistant Professor, MBA, UGC NET, Ph.D
Dr. Pallavi Aggarwal
Assistant Professor, MA (Gold Medal), MBA, PhD
Dr. Shekhar Kapoor BE, MBA, UGC NET, PGDHTM, PhD
Mrs. Ravni Talwar Guj