Cmde(Dr) Jawahar M Jangir

Professor, Principal and Director Industrial Relations



Tel: +91-7506704620

General Introduction

Dr Jangir has served in the Indian Navy and Public Sector Undertaking for over 35 years. He retired from the Indian Navy as Commodore and Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd as an Executive Director. During his service in the Indian Navy and the PSU, he has held a large number of senior appointments ranging from operation and maintenance of electrical, electronic, communication and weapon equipment/systems; refit and repairs of ships and submarines including testing and trials of various electrical, electronic and weapon equipment, strategic planning and policy formulations pertaining to repair, refits and infrastructure development of repair yards; execution of  infrastructure projects; quality assurance of electrical equipment, general stores  and paints/chemicals as also policy formulation and implementation in the Indian Navy; academic assignments including academic administration; administration of both industrial and non industrial establishments; HR functions in a large industrial establishment; diplomatic assignment as Defence Adviser in the High Commission of India, Lagos, Nigeria; and steering the Make-in-India programme during which a large number of equipment were indigenised including Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Plants for submarines, Static Frequency Converters, Chemical Agent Detection System, Battery Loading Trolley and various items used in HVAC system resulting in huge savings in procurement costs as also in foreign exchange. He also steered execution of a very large number of projects under CSR and made a huge difference especially in sectors of education, health, livelihood generation, sanitation and women empowerment. Dr Jangir joined BSDU in the School of Electrical Skills in September 2019.



His research interests include power systems, electrical propulsion systems in ships and energy management systems.  His qualifications include B. Tech (Electrical), Msc(Eng), Msc(Defence & Strategic Studies), Master Diploma in Business Administration and PhD. In addition, Dr Jangir has undergone a large number of other courses in the last 35 years including Technical Management Course, Senior Defence Management Course, Knowledge Management Course, Product Design Course etc. Dr Jangir is Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Member of the City and Guilds of London Institute(UK) and a Chartered Engineer. He is also a IICA certified CSR trainer and a GrowMore Life Coach.

Experience : 35 years
Designation : Professor and Director Industrial Relations
  1. Received Chief of the Naval Staff and the Commanding in Chief Western Naval Command commendations for dedication, commitment and professional competence of a high order.
  2. Won all the three awards, ie Best in Academics, Best Project and Best Overall during MSc (Eng) at RNEC, Manadon, Plymouth, UK.
  3. Declared as one of the top 25 CSR leaders in India for making an impact in the lives of poor and disadvantaged section of the society.
  4. Responsible for resolving the long outstanding problems in Helicopter starting with rectifiers by in depth analysis and implementation of the modifications, which resulted in making the starting system highly reliable.
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