Construction is the backbone of any developing nation. It is an ongoing activity which needs skilled personnel at all levels. The construction industry generates substantial employment on a consistent basis. Skills and knowledge are its energetic forces for growth and development. The economy becomes more productive, inventive and competitive through the development of more skilled human capital.

The school of Construction skills aims to develop, establish, standardize and sustain industry Competency Frameworks, Skills Levels, Occupational Standards, Build Create and Deliver Capacity, Investment and Skilling Outcomes, which shall meet or exceed customer expectations through ethical, transparent and effective management of the Construction and Infrastructure Industry.


After completion of the program, the student will:

B. Voc.

  • Be trained for multiple construction skill sets.
  • Be able to supervise & train the construction team.
  • Be able to appear in competitive exams like UPSC, etc.
  • Read & interpret drawings, specifications and standards for structural execution, formwork, reinforcement, and RCC.
  • Be able to Plan, arrange and manage resources for execution of relevant work.
  • Be able to handle construction team.

Advanced Diploma

  • Be able to understand and supervise reinforcement skills.
  • Be able to understand road pavement execution.
  • Be able to implement and maintain safe working practices in roads, finishing and reinforcing.
  • Be able to get a job in industry as a Senior skilled Mason and handle junior Masons.


  • Be able to work across various locations withstanding extreme weather/site conditions while working at any construction site.
  • Be able to perform efficiently within a team, handle the various masonry tools and materials and work responsibly.
  • Be able to perform general routine masonry, flooring, finishing, concrete in real Estate (Residential, commercial & Institutional) and infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Bridges etc.)
  • Be able to understand quality of construction materials and perform standards tests.
  • Be able to get a job in industry as a skilled mason.

Skill Certificate

  • Be able to understand simple Construction jobs.
  • Be able to work as freelance mason in construction industry.

School of Construction Skills has modern infrastructure and latest equipment’s from JCB, Escorts, ACE and BEML. Hand Tools Like Rule, Tape, Square, Chisel, Hand Saw, Hand Plane, Shovel, Wheel Barrow, Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Pick, Mattock, Crow Bar, Pinch Bar. Power and pneumatic tools like Power Saw, Electric Plane. Impact Power Drill, Nail Gun, Impact Hammer. The school also has personal protective equipment (for the use of hand, power and pneumatic tools) like Footwear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Gloves, Masks/Respirators, Eye Protection, Clothing, Sunscreen. The plant is equipped with generator, compressor, a range of cleaning equipment including high pressure water cleaner, wet/dry vacuum, brooms and brushes, Scrapers, etc.

School has state of the art class rooms and laboratories. There is an open to sky construction yard for practicing the skills in natural environment before exposure to real project activities going on our Campus.

Faculty Members and Trainers

Mr. R. A. Dubey
Project Manager Construction
M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)
A.K Singh
Principal Construction
Mr. Sangeet K. Sinha
Asst. Project Manager
B.Sc. Eng.(Civil)
Mr. Pankaj Garg
Civil Engineer
Mr. Iqraj Nabi
B. Tech (Civil Engineering
Mr. Ravi Sharma
M.E. in Geotechnical Engineering
Ms. Neha
Junior Trainer
M.Tech in Environmental Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Mr. Omprakash Verma
Junior Engineer
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Gori Shanhar Soni
Junior Trainer
Lalan Kumar
Junior Trainer