The School of Computing Skills provides training in the field of information storing, processing and communication, using computers. Computers are involved in daily life, from smartphones to laptops, the Internet, medical instruments, lighting technology and to the use and control of robots or machines that can substitute humans, especially in tasks which are considered dangerous to humans.

Networking is the construction, design and use of a network, including the hardware (cabling, hub, bridge, switch, router, and so forth), the selection and use of telecommunication protocols and software, for use and management of the network and the establishment of operation policies.Skills in these areas are very important today, looking at the upward trend in digitization, Information Technology, Smart Cities and industrial automation.

A Network architect has the skill to work with a company’s computer network, using information technology, to make network systems for all employees to use. These networks can include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets and extranets. Network complexity can vary depending on the organization and the company may have one dedicated engineer, or many globally connected engineers working together with the Chief Technology Officer.

At present the School offers a 3-year undergraduate program in Vocational Studies, related to Computer Networking, called B. Voc. IT/(Networking). Exit options are also available to students after one or two years, to do a 1-year Diploma or a 2-year Advanced Diploma, respectively, in IT/(Networking).


To install, configure and test CPE (modem, routers and switches) for broadband access

  • To establish connectivity between CPE and end-user device (CPU, Laptop, tablets, Smart/IP TV etc.) at customer premises
  • To carry out basic trouble-shooting for identifying, localizing & rectifying cable, connectivity and equipment faults
  • To install, configure and test Wi-Fi Backhaul Equipment and Wi-Fi Access Points for broadband access
  • To establish connectivity in the backhaul between Wi-Fi nodes and Access Points at multiple sites
  • Toimplement, maintain and integrate WAN, LAN and server architecture
  • To implement and administer network security hardware and software
  • To enforce the network security policy and comply with requirements of external security audits and recommendations
  • Train to NSQF level 7 in the job role of Data Scientist
  • Train for multiple skill sets in IT, like Deep Learning, Data Analytics, AI etc.
  • Be able to design and implement data-driven products in any company
  • Be eligible to appear in all competitive exams like UPSC, Defence, Railways and other PSUs
  • Train & equip with knowledge and understanding to become an Entrepreneur

Infrastructure and Equipment

Currently, the School has the following Labs. and associated equipments:

Basic Computing Lab.: 30 desktop systems, with i3 quad core processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD and 19” monitor. There are other peripheral devices like SMPS, and motherboards for students to get hands-on exposure to assembling computers.This lab is used by students of all Schools

  • CISCO Networking lab.: Rack mounted routers, L2 and L3 switches, modems, firewalls, wireless devices, Access Points, optical fibre cables, network simulator, etc., for students to have hands-on experience in networking hardware and software.
  • 3D Printing Lab: The lab has 9 3D printers, including 4 of SLA and 5 of FDM types. Many materials can be used with these, like ABS, PLA, Nylon, Wood, PETG, etc. Training on these Printers is currently on.
  • IoT and Embedded Systems lab: A number of projects have been done on Embedded Systems, some of which are as follows:
    • Water level Indicator
    • Cell phone controlled Home Appliance
    • Voice controlled robotic vehicle
    • Arduino based digital clock +RH indicator
    • Edge Follower robot
  • Robotics Lab: Robotics and Automation Lab is a state-of the-art lab equipped with latest machines from ABB and TAL. The lab has been designed with the objective of imparting automation skills inline with the international standards.

S. No.

Robot Type






Pick & Place



Pick & Place (Vision)



Gesture based Cell



Vision based Cell



Voice based Cell


  • PCB Lab: We have PCB design and fabrication setup. For PCB designing, we are using softwares like
    KiCAD, EAGLE, and Tina.
    For manufacturing, we have two processes:
    Chemical process (NVIS 1800): NVIS PCB LAB setup is a complete solution for
    manufacturing PCB. It includes all the necessary machines and chemicals which are used
    in the PCB development process.
    Milling machine (PCB Prototype EP-42 AUTO): Produce fully functioning boards
    quickly and easily by engraving, drilling and routing.
    For component mounting we have two methods:
    1. Through Hole (TH) component mounting is done by using soldering iron.
    2. Surface Mount Device (SMD) component mounting is done by using solder paste printer,
    pick and place machine, and reflow oven.

Memorandum of Understanding

Seven MoUs have been signed by the School in the past few years. Details are as follows:

S. No

Name of Industry/


Skill Sector

MOU signed for

Date on MOU signed


Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute

Collaboration in Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange, Joint Programs and Joint Research


Electronic Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI)

Skilled Based Training, Education, Research and Development.

Skilled Based Training, Education, Research and Development and Employment.


Aha 3D Innovations Private Limited

Manufacturing and Marketing various 3D Printers & Other Products

A 3D printing lab setup at BSDU via technology collaboration with Aha3D. A roadmap to scale up the lab by adding more 3D printers in similar modality


Forsk Technologies Pvt Ltd Jaipur

Embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML & AI)

To Support, Develop, Promote and deliver programs M Voc. Embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) and B. Voc. – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

(ML & IA)


Arden Telecom Pvt Ltd, Jaipur


Skill Development, Training, Production, Placement, R&D and Related Services


Pixel’O’ Media, Jaipur

Digital Marketing

Skill Development, Training, Production, Placement, R&D and Related Services


Govt of Rajasthan & Photonic International Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Training Equipments, Course Curricula etc

Collaboration and Support for Establishing the Skill University & Photonics Training and Research Centre


Faculty Members and Trainers

Prof. Anurag
Professor and Dean, Faculty of Informatics & Automation
Dr. Kumkum Garg

Adjunct Professor

Col. Raj Kumar Professor
M. Tech from IIT Bombay and B. Tech from college of Military Engineering,
Sumitra Singar,
PhD Assistant Professor-I
PhD (Low power VLSI Design, Mody University of Science and Technology, Rajasthan)
Dr. Sandeep Gupta
Assistant Professor – I
Ph.D., M.Tech, MBA, B.Tech
Soma Kumawat, PhD
Assistant Professor-I
PhD (Optical CDMA, MNIT Jaipur)
Mr. Jitendra Mathur
Senior Trainer & Network
MSc. (Elec), DCH, CNA, MCP, CCNA
Ms. Anuja Arman
Assistant Professor and Assistant Registrar (Academics)
BTech, MTech
Manoj Kumar Gurjar
Deepak Khatri
Rikky Kumari Junior Trainer