Mrs. Ursula Joshi


Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur

India’s strength lies in its huge human resource. However, if devoid of proper skill, the manpower shall not be able to contribute to its full potential. I along with my husband and Founder Chairperson of BSDU, Late Dr. R K Joshi realized that some European countries especially Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc. moved much ahead of India in terms of economic development and employment opportunities because of the proper policies and implementation of skill training in these countries. This realization inspired and motivated us to establish Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) in Jaipur based on Swiss Dual System of Skills Training.

The University is unique, different and first of its kind in India in terms of its curriculum, training procedures and standards. BSDU has procured some of the most advanced equipment available in the world and is in the process of procuring more. The trainings on this state of the art equipment are being imparted by able teachers and trainers, many of them being Swiss Professionals.

The above process and infrastructure have made BSDU one of the most pertinent and relevant in the field of Skill Education even in its brief life span. I am sure the young aspirants will enjoy their experience at this University and will emerge with huge potential in their respective skills to serve the nation and the mankind.

I wish all the aspiring students a great and successful future.