Student Testimonials

Surbhi Pareek

My name is Surbhi Pareek and I am doing M.Voc in Smart Power System from the school of electrical skills, Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur. I am in the final year of my course. After doing B-tech in electrical engineering I had 2 years of working experience. While working, I realized that I lack behind in the core skills which is required to be a good electrical engineer. I, then came to know about this university. Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur is an excellent institution for the students to learn from professionals who impart the skills in a comprehensive program that lets the students develop the requisite skills. During my masters, I learned lots of things that can help me to be a good power system engineer. For my 6 month internship, I went to Aditya Birla Power Plant Renu Sagar, where I got the exposure of how the whole power system works and what are the challenges that power system face and how with use of smart power system, we can overcome these challenges. So M. Voc. (Smart Power System) program is about real-time monitoring, control, and advanced protection techniques to enhance reliability and security of the power networks. The program is dedicated to network management, smart metering, efficient transmission and distribution of power, improve security and protection. Now, I am fully trained & equipped with knowledge and understanding to start my career in Skill Universities and Colleges as a Teaching faculty as well as a Researcher and most importantly a power system engineer. Also I am able to assess the commercial viability of updating the existing conventional Power Plants and business opportunities in Power Plants. I also recommend the students of B.voc and B-tech to choose M.voc, if they are interested in further studies in the technical field as learning proper skills can boost their chances to get a good job and secure their future.

M. Voc - 2018-20

Intern with : Aditya Birla Power Plant Renu Sagar

Dheeraj Dauliya

BSDU Jaipur is a very good university which helps the students to enrich their skills. This time I am undergoing internship at RUJ Elecon pvt. Ltd. The labs and training setup of the School is of a very high standard and faculty members are very supportive irrespective of whether we are at university or on internship. I feel proud to be a part of this university.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Placed In : RUJ Elecon Pvt. Ltd.

Rajaryan Kumawat

My experience at Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur has been enriching in terms of technical knowledge and skills training. Studying at the BSDU has brought an additional value to my technical education and future. It also gave me an opportunity to get trained under the distinguished faculty members and trainers of the School of Electrical Skills. Their support, enthusiasm, and hard-working attitude enhanced my problem-solving abilities and groomed me to be a good professional. I admire the industry internship process of our university that facilitates students to achieve internship and placement in the best companies globally.

B.Voc, 2017-20

Intern with: BSDU

Chetan Verma

This University is non-traditional University since every alternate semesters we go to the industry for on job training which enhances our technical skills. After completing my first semester, I had two internship choices from reputed companies, ie Genus Pvt Ltd and Selco Foundation. Now I am working with Selco Foundation in research and development department. This is my first paid internship. So thank you BSDU to give me such an opportunity. .

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Selco Foundation, Bangalore

Ruchika Gupta

Bhartiya skill development university works on a different concept of one machine one student and it provides the best knowledge and training in its well equipped Labs. Along with the studies, BSDU provides internship in a reputed companies in every alternate semesters, and enhance the skills of students to provide a better future.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Intern with: Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd., Jaipur

Hansraj Jangid

BSDU is pure Skill University of its kind in India. Presently, I am undergoing my last six month Industrial Internship at Autopal, Jaipur. This place is providing me a great learning experience and I am really enjoying it. Thank you BSDU for making me a confident individual and better skilled person.

B.Voc, 2017-20

Intern with : Autopal (Autolight India Pvt. Ltd), Jaipur

Monika Sarodia

BSDU is the best Skill University in the World. Industrial Internships at every alternate semester makes BSDU different than other Universities. Presently, I am undergoing industrial Internship at Elecon Pvt. Ltd. Elecon provides the best facilities for interns to learn electrical equipment maintenance and installation. Here, I am gaining a lot of industrial electrical skills. I thank BSDU for providing me best skill education.

B.Voc, 2017-20

Intern with: RUJ Elecon Private Ltd., Jaipur


Myself Mitresh, first semester Renewable Energy Technology, is student of Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur. I joined BSDU to gain quality education with extensive hands-on training in the field of Renewable Energy Technology. The presence of highly qualified faculty members and Swiss trainers at BSDU help me a lot towards enhancing my professional and technical skills. Now I am confident enough to get my dream job and hence I recommend BSDU to the students like me to join BSDU and build a wonderful career.

B.Voc, 2020-23

Intern with: BSDU

Tarun Ranwa

This University has India's best laboratories and test equipment. The staff and faculty members are very cooperative and always motivate us to achieve our goals. Industrial internships in every alternate semester makes this university unique. Currently, I am pursuing my industrial internship at Genus Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Thank you BSDU.

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Genus Innovation Ltd. Jaipur


BSDU provides three internships in a degree course in reputed companies with stipend. Companies come at BSDU and take interviews, then select students for internship. Moreover, the company may give direct job offer to the students during internships according to the performance of the students. This is one of the best features of the BSDU, B.Voc. program.

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd., Jaipur


This University is a non-traditional University, where every alternate semesters, the students proceed to the industry for internship. After completing my first semester, I had an opportunity to intern at Genus Innovation Ltd, which has helped me enhance my technical and professional skills. Thank you BSDU for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Genus Innovation Ltd. Jaipur

Priya Agarwal

BSDU Jaipur has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during the industry internship. Our school corporate relation office guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me secure my internship at such a reputed company

M. Voc - 2018-20

Industry Internship: VAST Abroad Studies & Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul Kumawat

My ongoing B.Voc program adding memories to cherish for a lifetime. Be it intership, industry visit, different event of IIC all are adding values to my professional growth.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Industry Internship: Ashok Leyland

Rajni Gupta

I really like the alternate semester Intership process of our university, everyone is working really hard for our 360 degree career development. I'm prous to be part of BSDU Jaipur

B.Voc, 2018-21

Industry Internship: CNC Infotech

Vikash Kumar Naga

“I consider myself extremely fortunate for having chosen the BVoc Woodworking program at BSDU. Their modern curriculum, high tech workshop facility and combination of Indian and Swiss expertise helped me achieve the zenith of my capabilities. As a result of their dedicated supervision and constant encouragement, I won the Gold medal in the National Skill Championship and represented India at International events in Australia and then in Russia too. Now when I am about to graduate in the coming next semester I find myself with a sea of opportunities waiting for me”

BVoc - 2017-20

Placed In : Sara Abode Pvt. Ltd.

Hanuman Prasad Jat

“I confess that initially when I chose the Bvoc Woodworking program at BSDU I had lot of doubts in my mind. My friends chose engineering and science programs whereas I chose the Bachelors in a skill program. Now when I am in my final semester, I thank God for helping me make the right choice. I already have many job offers in hand, I am earning “stipend” with free accommodation and food that match the salaries of engineering graduates, I am being flown free of cost with all expenses paid to exhibitions such as Ahmedabad design week, Bangalore India Wood etc, overall it has given me enough confidence to conquer the world with my knowledge and skill. Which final year student can boast of these achievements ?”

B.Voc - 2017-20

Placed In : Narsi Interior Infra. Pvt. Ltd.

Sachin Sharma

“I have been a very creative person and wanted to take an education after school that could match my creative and academic aspirations and at the same time provide me with an earning opportunity. The BVoc program in woodworking has given me all I could ask for and even more. The courses are all very well paced, with lots of focus on task based assignments. The trainers closely work with us in workshop giving us constant encouragement to try out what we have in our minds. The class room courses provide us with a holistic education reinforcing the knowledge behind the skill”

BVoc - 2018-21

Placed In : Narsi Interior Infra. Pvt. Ltd.

Vipin Pal

I really like the alternative internship semester system in the BSDU. BSDU refers every student in the industry for the semester internship. During the industrial internship, industries provide stipend for the students. During the internship, I have learned about various processes and machines, which will be helpful for the job role. When I have skill then I can grow business easily. When we have skill then we will be confident.

B. Voc - 2018-20

Industry Internship : Y2K Engineers

Arvind Kumar

The University (Bhartiya skill Development University) provides the good opportunities for student’s career and this university has different status because it provides Industrial training and visiting during the 6 months training are adding value to my professional growth in my life. It has provided hand skill training to the students, so I would highly recommend to BSDU in their respective field.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Industry Internship: Continental Cooling

Satveer Singh

Really, Bhartiya Skill Development University gives an opportunity for my future with Skills or Knowledge and I gain hand skill knowledge and working experience certificate during our six months internship, which is the best for future. This is key to the building a multi-disciplinary research led ecosystem of skill education in India.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Industry Internship: Cool Tech Engineers

Tarun Bakoliya

How could I ever forget a place as welcoming as BSDU from the assiduous and approachable Trainers, welcoming librarians and driven classmates. I have not only enjoyed studying here, but meeting people from different backgrounds has been exciting too. Here, I am constantly reminded that no matter who you are and what your age, you can go anywhere you want. This university has friendly people, workshops, the most appreciable trainers I have befriended and the endless support provided here. Thank you very much, BSDU.

B. Voc -2017-20

Placed In : Parshwanath Industries

Bharat Choudhary

As I know it requires extreme dedication for opting a core branch and immense hard work to cope with the department standards. I was glad to see that it wasn’t only the students who put their efforts, but the institute which provided immense support to help the students out with the subjects and also helping them to think out of the box. Our University encourages students a lot to showcase their talents by providing them ocean of opportunities. I am really thankful to this institution from the core of my heart for bringing the best out of me.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Placed In : Bhati & Company

Ajay Sharma

Having spent the last two years in this esteemed institution, I have witnessed a tremendous change in my life may it be on the academic front or even on a personal level. My University has already produced exceptional results and continues to improve the quality of education it provides with each passing year.

B.Voc, 2018-21

Placed In : Choudhary Engineering Works

Rohit Thakran

BSDU School of hospitality provides best practical training in area of hospitality and good collaboration with best brand of hotel. It Conduct different level of activity for better exposure.

B. Voc, 2019-22

Intern with : The Crown plaza Hotel, Gurugram

Anjali Chaudhary

BSDU School of hospitality gives me the platform to understand the basic form and importance of hospitality & tourism. The swiss dual system give me an extra advantage to know the international culture through international faculty.

B.Voc, 2019-22

Placed In : Zone Palace By the park

Jugal kishore

BSDU-SHT is one of the best university where in you will be molded into Hospitality Professionals. The College has a magnificent and enjoyable study environment. On top of that, its combined with wonderful and knowledgeable staff who is ready to help you at all times. The College is well structured and has all the facilities to train you practically. I was lucky enough to be a part of this college. Thank you for everything.

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Shiv villas Jaipur

Dharmesh Verma

I had a wonderful experience in BSDU University. Everyone taught us in a very professional way and I see the university growing in stature due to quality education being imparted. Lots of activities happen in the college which enhances the knowledge and confidence of the students. .

B.Voc, 2019-22

Intern with: Shiv villas Jaipur