Career and Employability – Advanced Certificate

The advanced certificate program is run for B.Tech students with graduation in mechanical, production/industrial engineering or for any graduate with a minimum of one year production/design experience in any woodworking industry. The duration of the course is 24 weeks resulting in a total of 30 credits.

 These students are trained in handskills, use of power tools, stationary machines and CNC machines. They also use advanced designing and programming software. These students may find employment in woodworking industry at the level of supervisors after going through a GET (graduate engineer training) phase. The students may also find employment in skill universities/colleges as trainers.

Course Credits Hours
Wood as Raw Material 2 60
Hand Skills and Measuring transfer 5 180
Power Tools 2 60
Stationary Machines 4 120
Assembly 3 100
Fittings 2 60
2D Drawing/CAD 2 60
CNC Basic 2 60
3D Pytha General Introduction 2 60
Project 3 80
Report writing and seminar 3 80
Total 30 920
Cumulative Credits = 30